Leslie Mears




I have always been a maker. I have a great love of art and of learning new things, seeing new perspectives.  I studied painting at Syracuse University, and earned a Masters in Art Education from Boston University.  I have created many commissioned pieces of artwork, painted furniture and murals, shown in galleries, and even sold my work in a catalog.  I have been teaching in various school and private settings for twenty years, but I have just not ever quite found my “perfect niche”.  None of these endeavors have ever quite hit the mark of feeling like a calling, or become exactly the type of impact I hope to leave as my creative and/or professional legacy.  

I love just about every form of creating art.  I have a passion for encouraging anyone who comes across my path and could “use a boost”.  This past January, I joined an online challenge to create a sketch every day and post it on social media.  It brought me out of my comfort zone to share my art with others, and also, provided me with an avenue to offer words of encouragement to people through the accompanying captions.  People responded, \connected with my words and images, and said that my daily efforts were making a difference for them.  It was a surprising and motivating response to my attempt to hold myself accountable to daily art-making.

So here I am, starting this business at 52 years old, with the intent of spreading beauty, hope and helping those in need in small ways.  Part of me says, “why do this now?” The other part of me says, “Let’s go, don’t waste any more time in doing what you were made to do - make art and encourage others!” So here I am, with my little use my faith, my love of all people, my heart and my talents to create opportunities to provide some light and life to the world around me.  I hope that my small efforts can produce a domino effect in some way..... I thank you for joining me on this journey!


Casey Mears

Digital Marketing 

Web Design

Creative Assistant

Hi! I am Leslie's oldest (and favorite but shhh) daughter. I have a passion for improving the world through creativity that I no doubt inherited from my mom. Throughout my childhood I was involved in music and art at school and at home. As an adult I have maintained a strong love of music, theatre, fashion, photography, baking, design, and all things creative! Since graduating from college I have developed a love and talent for digital media and am thrilled to be helping The Snowdrop Studio thrive online. Contact me with any tech support questions and I'll be happy to assist you. Welcome to the Studio! 


Why a Snowdrop?

The Snowdrop is a symbol of hope and overcoming obstacles.  It is a first bloom just as winter turns over to spring, giving off its own heat and melting the snow that surrounds it. It is the subject of  legends telling of the goodness and optimism inspired by this delicate-looking yet sturdy bloom.  

Artist Leslie Mears has gone through several significant losses in recent years, including the loss of her mother, Gayle to brain cancer three years ago.  Gayle was a prolific creator of hundreds of quilts and she absolutely loved the snow.  While processing her grief, Leslie found herself returning to her love of watercolor and other art media as a way to honor Gayle's legacy.  She found new hope in creating art  and encouraging others and decided to pursue a way to make a wider impact with her gifts.  

The Snowdrop Studio’s mission is to use art to provide hope, encouragement and inspiration, through art, encouraging words, and Artable Events.


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